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Global Bank Management Consulting.

Shaping the Future of Transformation
for the Financial Services Ecosystem.

About Us

Our Vision

Large financial institutions spend millions of dollars on transformation.  They often face challenges such as crackdown by SEC, OCC, FRB and others for insider trading and e-communication insider trading banks face stiff fines and millions of dollars in operation costs to meet expectation of regulators.  

In other cases, such as during the post-M&A integration, they often require large scale transformation program management support.  

Our expertise in this area enables us to help our clients in areas related to regulations from a-z.  We have also partnered with the best consulting firms where we can deliver large projects and have access to many experts.  

Whether it is program management, technology implementation requiring SDLC/Agile or regulatory, compliance, GBMC Inc continues to assist clients helping them solve their problems. 

Our experience with various companies whether global or start-up enables us to find the right solution for our clients.  

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About Us




Regulatory Consulting

Financial Services Institutions whether banks or crypto firms are reeling under the pressure of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. What were once issues of non-compliance have become issues of significant risk.

We are experts in various regulations whether it is Risk Framework, Governances, Internal Audit and Controls, Resources, Advisory such as Consent Order Program Set-up, Market Conduct, Policies and Procedure design, Leadership, Consent Order Program Management among other services we offer to help our Clients.  

Program Management

We help our clients implement large scale programs intertwining various initatives together implementing business models together saving money and reducing go-to-market for new products.  

What We Offer

Compliance and Controls

Historically SOX and other regulations ensured public companies have controls in place to prevent fraud. 


Crypto ecosystem is beginning to implement such structures. 


We can help our clients build a robust operation along with controls in place that will ensure scenarios such as FTX doesn't happen to their firm.  As a result they protect their funds,  assets and reputation.

Regulatory Policy and Procedure Design

Most banks and cryptocurrency company challenges are what do regulators want?  How to avoid Cease-and-desist orders, stay compliant.  

We help assess their operations, policy and procedures.  We help them avoid issues as we bring best-practices leveraging our years of knowledge and our Partners to bring the best to our Clients.

Program Management Audit

We focus with clients on passing their Consent Order exams helping them assess their operation and compliance projects, technology compliance and write their Consent Order Closure documentation, assess their policy and procedures.  Whether the consent order is about technology and mobile communication or other issues, we have the capability to service our Client's needs.  

Why Us

Deep Industry Knowledge

GBMC Inc partners with financial industry leaders to navigate complex regulatory issues, handle consent orders and operationalize pragmatic solutions around business process improvement, business model transformation, technology enablement, and outsourcing. Our combination of industry, technology, and risk and compliance experience is unique and allows us to provide a complete end-to-end solution that few others can.

Years of Experience

Clients partner with GBMC to address their most significant challenges with risk and regulatory operation challenges, compliance, business transformation, innovation, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, managing risk, enhancing customer experience, and driving competitiveness and growth. Our combination of industry, technology, and risk and compliance experience, all on one team, is unique and allows us to provide a complete end-to-end solutions that few others can match. We help companies choose and deploy the right technology, advance operating model efficiency, and optimize processes to realize the value of their transformation investment.

Financial institutions are proactively managing risk to accelerate business execution and create competitive advantage. Forward-looking governance, risk, and compliance programs protect value by enabling continuous risk monitoring, real-time reporting, and visibility across their operating model. More importantly, these programs align how the organization conducts business against its goals, while monitoring and mitigating risks that impede success.

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About the CEO and Team

Stephanie Badii is the Founder of GBMC Inc.  She has over 20 years of extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience including corporate experience at KPMG, Accenture and IBM.  

Her specialty is in the financial services industry where she advised clients in various operation and M&A services.  She specializes on large transformation, regulatory, post-M&A projects, banking products amongst the few.   She also specializes in go-to-market activities.  She was responsible GTM of regulatory consulting products at KPMG and IBM.

Stephanie completed her Undergraduate degree from NYU Film School and her Global-EMBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School(s).  This combination gives her the ability to be creative mixed with finance and business.   

Her clients include Deloitte, Citibank, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD-Bank) and many others.Stephanie is global skier and frequently travels to the Alps. 

Why Us
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Jeffrey Betten is a Senior Technical Consultant/Advisor.  He provides information systems and services management expertise and guidance on evaluating software systems, environments, and buy vs. build decisions applicable to a start-up business. Advised on initial sizing, structure, outsourcing, and risk minimization of IT organization as well as on strategy to scale technical capabilities and to protect IP. Gave guidance on best practices for implementation of a robust SDLC pipeline/processes utilizing the Agile methodology. He authored business continuity plan to protect data in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic outage.

Jeffrey completed his Global-EMBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School(s).  Jeffrey is based in Miami, Florida.

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